Exhibition and conference series

From december 4th, 2020 to september 26th, 2021

Carl Sagan

In 1980 the series “COSMOS: A personal Voyage” was broadcast for the first time on television and together with the book of the same title, it had an instant impact around the world. With 500 million viewers in 60 countries, it became a reference and source of inspiration for a whole generation of young curious minds of the eighties.

The legacy of COSMOS and its creator Carl Sagan is deep and universal, inspiring scientific vocations and bringing to the general public the fascination for science and its vision of rational humanism.

The influence of COSMOS has been around since the inception of the Museum of Science and the Cosmos. Just as the series was introduced into our homes in the 80s to bring us closer to the mysteries of the Universe and, through them, discover ourselves, in the same way the Museum gets into Canarian society with the aim of bringing us that fascination for discover our place in the Cosmos.

To celebrate this unique anniversary, the Museum has prepared a series of related activities.

In the exhibition “COSMOS y el legado de Carl Sagan”, the visitor can enjoy the beauty of the illustrations and visual effects of the series and other projects of Sagan. We will recreate the trip with the help of Jon Lomberg, who was the artistic director of COSMOS, friend and close collaborator of the scientist. Art and science go hand in hand in this exhibition that spans nearly 25 years of collaboration between Lomberg and Sagan.

In parallel to the exhibition there will be a cycle of 13 conferences, one for each episode of the series. The conferences, given by renowned experts in the field, will focus on the content of each episode. In addition, in each case, an update will be given showing how our knowledge has advanced compared to when COSMOS was made 40 years ago.

Exhibition: Jon Lomberg, the artist of COSMOS

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